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Happy Kamper Classic Show Rules and information 2023
(stay tuned, as there may be some changes for 2024)

Happy Kamper Classic
Show Rules

Happy Kamper Classic is a not-for-profit live model horse show. This year, all proceeds
will be going to Freedom Reins Therapeutic Riding Center. This show will be applying for
NAN Qualification. All classes will be judged for breed & collectibility or breed &
workmanship unless otherwise noted. Please note, this show is HALTER ONLY and does
not have a performance division.
Doors open at 7:00 am for set up. Show starts at 8:00

There is a large parking lot at the venue. Feel free to unload at the front entrance and then move
your vehicle to an available spot. Do not park in the Dairy Queen parking lot.

Entries are sold at $55 per person for a full table. Half tables will be sold at $30. Entrants my
proxy show up to 20 horses for a fee of $30. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served
basis up to 40 full tables. If there is more interest, a waiting list will be maintained in the event of
a cancellation. Names will be pulled from the waiting list in the order it was created. Each
entrant may enter up to 3 models in each class. Entrants may enter additional models for $1.00
per model. The $1.00 buy in should be placed next to the model on the table. Models that are
considered tippy may be placed on their side on cloth/pony pouch in the ring. If this is chosen,
please note this gives the judge permission to pick up and examine the other side of the model.

Each entrant will be provided with either one full or one half 8’ table and one chair. There will
be a spot on your entry form to request an extra chair should you need one.

Tags must be attached to each individual model. The front side of the tag must have your horse’s
breed and sex. (Stallion, mare, gelding, etc.). The back side of the tag must contain your initials
and the model’s name. Please use the three initials you specified on your entry form on your tag.
This is how we will track and record results. The front side of the tag should be facing up on the
table for the judge to read. Any model that does not follow these requirements may be
disqualified. The initials you use on your tag MUST MATCH the initials you use on your entry
form. This is how we will track and submit show results to NAMHSA.

There will be 9 rings running classes at the same time. Rings will be marked with the division
name and number, as well as a white board showing the current class name/number. Divisions
will not switch rings, and will have one ring per division unless a class split is warranted. This
show will be fast paced with lots of announcements so you will have to listen carefully to keep
up! Each class will have a first and second call announcement. After the second announcement,
the class will close. Once the class is closed, models may no longer be placed on the table. It will
be announced once the class is pinned. Please DO NOT remove models from the table until you 
hear that announcement. To keep the show running smoothly, please remove pinned models
from the ring as quickly as possible. There will be a Pony Pound that unclaimed models will be
placed into should they not be removed by the start of the next class. The show holder shall NOT
be held liable for lost or damaged models left in the ring or in the Pony Pound.

Documentation for rare or unusual breeds is encouraged, but must be limited in size to 8.5”x11”.
If you want your model judged for collectibility, you MUST provide collectibility
documentation for the model. This documentation also must not exceed 8.5”x11”. If there is no
collectibility documentation with the model on the table, IT WILL NOT BE JUDGED FOR

Class Splits:
The show holder or judge may choose to split, cancel, add or combine classes as needed to make
judging easier and for the show to run smoothly. Split criteria will be left to judge’s discretion.
(i.e., pattern/solid, mare/stallion, standing/motion, etc.)
Judges may choose to split classes if there are greater than 20 entries, but no class resulting from
the split may have fewer than 10 entries. Collectibility/Workmanship/Breed judges may operate
independently whether or not he or she chooses to split the class. For example, if the OF Breyer
Breed judge would like to split “Arabian” into standing and motion molds, the OF Breyer
collectibility judge may also choose to split, but doesn’t have to. If both judges choose to split,
they must agree upon the criteria of the split.
Criteria on which the judges may choose to split are as follows:
Breed/Type, Sex, Color, Pattern, Mold, Sculptor, Manufacturer, Year(s) of Production, Run
Numbers, and Position. Should a judge want to split on different criteria than those listed, the
show runner must be made aware and agree that a different split is necessary.

Judges must be aware of time and pin classes efficiently. Flat ribbons will be awarded

1st– 6th in each qualifying class. At the end of each class subdivision, any model that was awarded 1st or 2nd
place in any qualifying class (including any split classes) will be placed on the table for
callbacks. Judges will then name and award Divisional Champions/Reserve in both breed and
collectibility/workmanship with Divisional Ribbons. Upon conclusion of a division, each
Divisional Champion/Reserve will be called back to contend for the Overall Champion/Reserve
title. Each Overall Champion/Reserve will be awarded an Overall Award.

Fun Classes:
Throughout the day, there will be several “Fun Classes” held in a separate ring. Please look at
the class list in advance to see if you’d like to enter! Fun Class entries will be $1.00 per model,
and models of any manufacturer, material, and finish will be allowed to compete. All proceeds
will be going to our beneficiary. The fun classes are just that – Fun! They have been chosen and
will be judged by our show helpers who have literally no idea about anything in the hobby.
Winners will be awarded with a prize specific to the Fun Class Division. Fun class winners will

not be eligible to receive NAN Cards. 

There will be a variety of models and other related items to be raffled, as well as a 2022 Breyer
Web Special Tahoe. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1.00 apiece or 12 tickets for $10.00. Each
entrant is limited to ONE raffle entry for Tahoe, which is included with your entry fee at no
extra charge. You can find your Tahoe raffle ticket in your Day-Of Show Packet. As always,
raffle donations will be accepted and are greatly appreciated! If you choose to donate an item to
the raffle, email & specify if you will be bringing the donation
with you to the show, or shipping in advance. All proceeds earned from the raffle will go to our

Light breakfast items (pastries, fruit, granola bars, etc.) & coffee will be provided at no charge to
show participants in the morning. Water and fountain soft drinks will be available for the
duration of the show for free. At or around noon we will take a 45 min lunch break. For $10
additional, lunch may be purchased with your show registration. Lunch will include a “build
your own sandwich” bar, chips, cookies, etc. Should you choose not to purchase lunch, there are
several fast-food restaurants near the venue. Please note, you may pack your own lunch, but
coolers are not allowed in the venue.

Code of Conduct:
By registering & entering Happy Kamper Classic, you agree to the following Code of Conduct:
This is meant to be a fun, low key event. Please conduct yourself accordingly. This means
roughhousing, running, loud music/video games used without headphones, rude behavior,
smoking indoors, or alcohol and drug use on the premises WILL NOT be permitted under any
circumstances. Weapons are also not permitted in the show hall. Should these rules not be
followed, entrants AND their helpers/guests WILL be asked to leave at the show holder’s
discretion. In essence, even if YOU are well behaved, should ANYONE you bring along fail to
adhere to these policies, you BOTH may be removed from the show hall and your entries
disqualified. Entry fees will not be refunded.
This is a long day – should you choose to bring children, they MUST be supervised at ALL
times. If your child breaks any rules or damages any models, YOU will be held responsible
for their actions.
Pets are not permitted in the show hall except for service animals.
Do not touch other exhibitor’s models without their permission. Should you damage a model
belonging to another exhibitor, you will be held responsible for the amount of damages in FULL.
Make sure any model you remove from the judging ring is YOUR MODEL by carefully
checking the leg tag if there are multiples.
A judge’s decision is final. Arguing with the judge or complaining about the judge’s decision  will not be tolerated.

Questions are permitted & encouraged, but please reserve your questions for the break between classes.
Use your discretion, inappropriate models will not be allowed. Judges reserve the right to remove
any inappropriate models.
Judges may only show in divisions they are not judging. A judge may not judge any model that
he/she has worked/collaborated on. A judge may not judge any model which he/she owns or has
owned within the last six months. A judge may not judge models owned by relatives of the
judge, as defined in the NAMHSA Bylaws.
If you have a complaint or problem with another exhibitor, do not try to resolve it yourself. Alert
the show holder so he or she can try to resolve the problem without disrupting the show.
Selling hobby items or items related to the hobby at your table is permitted. Should you choose
to sell, you are agreeing to keep any and all pathways between tables free of debris and clutter.
You are also agreeing to sell items only related to the hobby. Anything inappropriate or illegal
will not be permitted. The show holder reserves the right to disallow selling any items of any
kind at any point during the show.
Anyone breaking the code of conduct may be asked to leave the show hall immediately without
refund for entry fees. Refunds or cancellations of any kind will be at the discretion of the show 

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