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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I eat in town?

    • We love the Schnitzelbank for great German food, Yard Goat for local craft brews, small plates and Pizza, Gas Light for pizza, and Los Dos Charros for Mexican Food! 

  • I don't know what class to put this model in

    • We will be following the NAMHSA breed guidelines, found here. Find your breed and go with the classification made by NAMHSA. If you are still unsure after referencing this list, make your best guess, and then ask your judge their preference on show day.

  • What should be included on my show tag

    • This info can be found in the show packet and rules tab above

  • Can I bring a helper with me

    • Sure! You may bring up to one helper with you, as long as they know and respect the code of conduct! You will be responsible and liable for your helper's actions.

  • I emailed you but I haven't heard back

    • This probably means your question has an answer in the show packet information! Give it a read through, and if your question is not answered, email again. We are busy, and sometimes it takes some time to get through all our emails!

      • If your question has an answer in the show information packet, we will not respond to your email. ​

    • Please do not email about class placement questions. Save these questions for your judge on show day!​​

  • Can I enter by email, snail mail, or other options? What about payment through other options?​

    • Unfortunately, we are only accepting entries and payment through the online entry form. This keeps all of our data in one place!

  • What happens if the show sells out, and I didn't get my entry in?​

    • A waitlist will be maintained after the show sells out! If an entrant cancels, we will offer showing spots in the order of submission. ​

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